‘The Ravi Paranjape Studio’ provides
one-of-a-kind forum to the community
to express through art.

The Ravi Paranjape Studio

The Ravi Paranjape Studio is founded with a mission to cultivate and nurture a ‘Design Based Culture’.  The Studio provides one-of-a-kind forum offered to the community to express through art. 

To foster the concept of a design-based culture, the Studio supports events like musical concerts, art classes, art exhibitions and educational workshops to encourage a constructive dialog among people to enrich their outlook and boost creativity. Studio’s art gallery and outdoor space is made available to the groups and individuals to arrange discussions and exhibitions conforming to the philosophy of the design-based culture.

Set in an exquisitely designed outdoor and indoor space, The Ravi Paranjape Studio is a distinctive offering of the Ravi Paranjape Foundation. Located in the heart of the Model Colony in Pune, India, ‘The Ravi Paranjape Studio’ also houses Raviji’s exclusive art collection.

Art Gallery Rental Information and Booking Procedure

‘The Ravi Paranjape Studio’
1 Rutika Apts.  1098/5-A Model Colony,  opp. Model Colony Post Office,  Pune 411016
Phone :9423562530,  Email : abhijatkala@gmail.com, Web : www.raviparanjape.org

Thank you for considering ‘The Ravi Paranjape Studio’ (TRPS) for hosting your upcoming event.
TRPS is dedicated to promoting visual literacy and design-based culture through various art events and exhibitions.

We want to make your experience of exhibiting at TRPS a pleasant one!
Please go through the terms & conditions and other information prior to applying for the gallery space –

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