Neel – Dhawal Dhwajakhali




Size : 14 cm X 21.5 cm I 5.5″ X 8.5″
Pages : 272 | Paper back


“Neel –Dhawalá Dhwajakhali” is a collection of Ravi Paranjape’s short essays in Marathi. The book is divided into four parts -‘Chintan’, ‘Manan’ , ‘Smaran’ and ‘Prayojan’. In ‘Chintan’ we find Ravi’s thoughts on a ‘Design’ based nation building culture. This is a unique concept. At present this culture is apparent only in developed countries, but he has successfully traced it back to India’s rich cultural past. In ‘Manan’ he elaborates further on the word ‘Design’, shows the difference between tradition and convention, pinpoints the void created by the absence of a design based culture, and explains how Modern Indian Art and literature have contributed to the disastrous cultural void prevailing in the country. In ‘ Smaran’ he has addressed a number of cultural, social and political issues seeing through the screen of Design based nation building culture. ‘Prayojan’ consists of two articles. One deals with the challenge of Globalization and the other interprets ‘Sanatan Manav Dharma’ as a progressive culture. “How India can emerge as a strong, secure and developed nation without loosing its past cultural relevance” is the key issue dealt with in this book.

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