Brush Mileage


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Size : 17.5 cm X 24 cm I 7″ X 9.5″ Pages : 248 | Paper back
ISBN : 81 – 7434 – 361 – X

“BRUSH MILEAGE” is a story of Artist Ravi Paranjape’s art journey. This book in Marathi is extensively illustrated with Black & White illustrations of his own as well as by some other stalwarts like Prof.W.Langhhammer, Bagdadopolus, P.N.Sarma and S. V. Waghulkar. The eight pages in full color unfold a beautifully printed collection of Ravi’s works with a variety of unique facets of his style. Written in a lucid manner, the narration clearly brings out how audio- visual inspirations, right from his childhood, have gone in the making of a mature artist.

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