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‘Absorb the beauty, and present it beautifully’.


8th October, 1935 – 11th June, 2022

Artist Ravi Paranjape , an eminent illustrator, painter and a writer based in Pune, with over sixty years of illustrious artistic career.

Ravi Paranjape was born in 1935 in a culturally rich town of Belgaum in an artistically oriented family. After completing education and apprenticeships he began a career as an illustrator, advancing through employments at well-known publication houses and studios in Mumbai.

Within no time Ravi Paranjape’s ever evolving artistic style made an impression in the world of communication arts in India and abroad. Having earned the name and confidence he soon established his own art studio in Mumbai. Artist Paranjape’s self-developed technique of architectural perspective rendering turned out to be the turning point in his artistic career.

In spite of having an enormously rewarding career as a commercial artist his heart was set on his passion for painting without boundaries. Ravi Paranjape’s remarkably well-received debut show instantly established him as a painter, followed by several more successful painting exhibitions to his credit in India and abroad over the years.

​Ravi Paranjape was approached by a leading Marathi news publication in Pune to write a short series on Western renaissance painters who impacted the history of art. The series became so popular that it was later published as a book called ‘Shikhare Ranga Reshanchi’.

​Writing became a new-found medium of expression for Ravi Paranjape. He authored several books and articles on art as well as political & social reform ideas based on his theory of the design-based culture.

Ravi Paranjape has received numerous prestigious awards for his artistic and literary accomplishments including ‘Communication Arts Guild (CAG) Hall of Fame’ honoring his lifetime contribution to the commercial art, and Dayawati Modi Foundation’s and ‘Bhairuratan Damani Award’ for his autobiography ‘Brush Mileage’.

​He continues educating the community about his theory & promoting artistic literacy through the various activities of the Ravi Paranjape Foundation.

Brush Mileage

‘Brush Mileage’ is a documentary film produced by Dattaprasad Mete in collaboration with The Ravi Paranjape Foundation, directed by Laxmikant Bongale; based on the life and works of Artist Ravi Paranjape. Narrated by Raviji himself, he takes you on an astonishing journey through his life starting from his beautiful birthplace Belgaum. The film is in Marathi with English subtitles.

Ranga Yei Vo

‘Ranga Yei Vo’ – A full episode of Raviji’s interview telecasted on July 24, 2021 in an iconic TV series ‘Ranga Yei Vo’ on ‘DD Sahyadri’ channel in Maharashtra, India. In this interview taken by Shri. Pramod Pawar, Raviji expresses his thoughts and unfolds his artistic development in depth. It is a treat to see and hear him speak amid his exquisite works in the beautiful art gallery of ‘The Ravi Paranjape Studio’. The interview is conducted in Marathi.